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Price Increase Methanol cartridges

M5 - VPE (2x5 Liter) EUR 59,- Netto unchanged M10 - VPE (2x10 Liter) EUR 85,- Netto (old price EUR 79,-Netto) M28 - (1x28 Liter) EUR 110,- Netto (old price EUR 106,-)


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udomi ends distribution of EFOY PRO fuel cells - SFC takes over

Dear customers, after more than 15 years selling EFOY PRO fuel cell system solutions I have decided to pursuit a new opportunity. For this reason I will discontinue offering EFOY PRO fuel cells and accessories by eof Q1/2020. SFC Energy AG will take over my EFOY PRO fuel cell business and service you directly. The udomi webportal (udomi off grid monitor) will shut down end of 2021. If you have questions please let me know. Thank you for your longterm and excellent cooperation. It was a pleasure to have you as a customer. I wish you all the best for the future and hope you will stay a satisfied EFOY PRO fuel cell customer. Best Regards Udo Michelfelder

  Contacts SFC



EFOY PRO Fuel Cell Training




Firmware 17.15 available for EFOY PRO 2. Generation

  Release Notes FW17.15 EFOY PRO 2nd generation



Defect M28 fuel cartridge

M28 cartridges manufactured before August 2018 it is possible that the fuel hose inside the M28 cartridges falls off durung transport. If that happens the EFOY PRO can not pump Methanol from this cartridge. Please find more informations how to detect this failure in the document attached.

  Problem M28



H2-Fuel Cell C380




Firmware 17.13 available for EFOY PRO 2. Generation

17.13 - Adjustment charge cycle monitor (Aut / Man / Ext instead of 1 / 2 / 3) - SIO command update: - Values for fill level of each cartridge and the sum of all cartridges (values in “SYSTEM” command available) - “?” command reply now includes LOG and SYSTEM - MODBUS register update: - Registers for fill level of each cartridge and the sum of all cartridges - Improved internal failure management Error 71

  Release Notes - FW17.13 EFOY PRO 2. Generation



Order Methanol cartridges directly at SFC Energy AG

  Pricelist SFC Methanol fuel cartidges



Firmware 17.10 available for EFOY PRO 2. Generation

With the EFOY Updater users can upgrade their EFOY PRO fuel cell on request. Please contact us if you need a EFOY Updater. Recommended firmware status (Updater status 02/2017): EFOY Pro 600 / 1200 / 1600: 9.27 (Production date before calendar week 12 2011) EFOY Pro 600 / 1600 / 2200 / 2200 XT: 11.13 (Production date after calendar week 12 2011) EFOY Pro 800 / 800 Duo / 2400 / 2400 Duo: 17.10 EFOY Pro 12000 Duo: 19.10 Please find more informations about the firmware changes in the relaease notes.

  Release Notes FW17.10/11.13/9.27



MT 60 Methanol Fuel Tank

The new MT60 more than doubles your energy autonomy compared with the M28 Methanol cartridge. The MT60 is scheduled to be available by late Q4/2016. Weight od the MT60 is app. 55kg (2 man lift required). MT60 fits with EFOY PRO 800/2400/12000 fuel cells, no adapter required.

  Datasheet MT 60



Special Offer EFOY PRO 800

Special offer EFOY PRO 800: Get 20% discount for the EFOY PRO 800 (EFOY PRO 800 and EFOY PRO 800 DUO). Offer valid September 1st 2016 til November 30th 2016.



Return old EFOY PRO and get EUR 250,- discount when ordering a new EFOY PRO device

Return old EFOY PRO and get EUR 250,- discount when ordering a new EFOY PRO device Get EUR 250,- discount for your old EFOY PRO device when ordering a new EFOY PRO 2nd generation fuel cell. How it works: Send us the serial# of your old EFOY PRO device. After verification you will receice a quotation for EFOY PRO 2nd generation device with EUR 250,- net discount. Place order for EFOY PRO and return old unit to udomi. Offer is valid til 30.09.2016. Promotion can not be combined with other discounts.



Firmware 17.09 available for EFOY PRO 2. Generation

FW17.09 News: Additional communication protocol MODBUS RTU Presentation Hybrid-Modbus at the operating panel Improved error management Only for EFOY Pro 2400 / 2400 Duo Adaptation of parameters: minimum adjustable breaking current; 2 A (12 V) or 1 A (24 V). NOTE: Default settings have not been changed.

  Release Note FW17.09



Newsletter December 2015

The new powerfull EFOY PRO 12000 with 500 Watt output power will be available early Q2/2016. EFOY GO is available for orders in our online shop. We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year

  Newsletter December 2015



EFOY PRO Product Training at SFC Energy AG

The training targets users of EFOY PRO fuel cells. It includes a EFOY PRO hands on workshop and factory tour. If you are interested to participate please contact us directly.




Newsletter June 2015

EFOY PRO 12000 Duo with 500 Watt output power will be available end of 2015. 1 year warranty extension for EFOY PRO 800/2400 available. GSM-3 modem with 3G support available starting 2H2015.

  Newsletter June 2015



Newsletter December 2014

With our Christmas Special we offer you EUR 250,- discount, if you purchase a new EFOY PRO 2nd generation fuel cell and return a old/defect EFOY PRO device. Please find more details in our December 2014 newsletter.

  Newsletter December 2014



Firmware 17.08 available for EFOY PRO 2nd Generation

The new firmware 17.08 offers the following improvements: Improved internal failure management * Improved feeding pump control – new notification regarding fuel connector malfunction. * Extended adjustable parameters for switch off voltage (Hybrid), no change in default settings * New LiFePO4 settings for 24 V, automatic 12 V / 24 V detection * Bug fix – Look icon did not occur when signal on Pin7 and external control not active * Removed: “Firmware out of date” notification.

  Release Notes FW17.08



Firmware 11.12 available for EFOY PRO 1. Generation

Extended AntiFreeze voltage range up to 17 V / 32 V(Old parameters:>16 V / 30.5 V),avoidance of freezing when error 51/53 occurs. Improved internal failure management

  Release Notes FW11.12



Newsletter February 2014

EFOY ProEnergyBox designed for rough climate conditions (-40°C to +50°C). Remote monitoring of EFOY Pro fuel cell and SS-MPPT solar charge controller with MUX-2 and GSM-2.

  Newsletter February 2014



Firmware 17.07 available for EFOY PRO 2nd Generation

The new FW 17.07 supports charging of the popular LiFePo batteries. The battery type (lead acid, AGM, Gel or LiFePo) can be selected via the operation panel or the data interface using the new "battery" command.

  Release Notes



EFOY ProCube Offer October 2013

Please contact us for a quotation of the new EFOY ProCube energy solution. Orders received til November 2013 will be shipped without freight cost.

  Flyer EFOY ProCube



New firmware 11.11 and 9.27 for EFOY-PRO 1st Generation available

The new Firmware files are available for download in the udomi Download section (topic firmware update). If you have a GSM-2 modem we can update your EFOY PRO device remotely. Just send us an email with your GSM-2 IMEI or device name and we will take care of the FW update. The FW update vis GSM-2 is free of charge.

  Release Notes FW11.11 & 9.27



EFOY Pro 2nd Generation available May 2013

The EFOY Pro 800 and EFOY Pro 2400 deliver a maximum output power of 45 W and 110 W. Both products are also available with two fuel connections, called EFOY Pro 800 Duo and EFOY Pro 2400 Duo. An overview of the benefits of the 2nd generation EFOY Pro: Up to 22 % more output power + Even longer autonomy due to duo option (two fuel connections)+ Up to 40 % lower operating costs per kWh + 50 % longer guaranteed service life + Temperature range increased to +50 °C + New operating panel with user-friendly interface

  EFOY Pro 2nd Generation



Duocartswitch - Hardware modification

A small number of Duocartswitch units may fail to switch at low ambient temperature (typically <5°C). With a hardware modification developed by SFC Energy AG this problem can be solved. In case you have a DCS1 that shows this problem, SFC offers you a DCS1 hardware fix free of charge. DCS1 that my be affected have serial# xxxxx-xxxx-00525 til xxxxx-xxxx-01016.

  Duocartswitch - Hardware modification



Newsletter February 2013

The new version of the udomi-off-grid-monitor displays the battery voltage and the charging current of the EFOY PRO fuel cell in grapfical form. The user can select start and end time for the data to be displayed. The graphical view makes it easier to diagnose the system performance of EFOY PRO and batteries. The grahical view is also available for remote monitoring of the SS-MPPT (Morningstar charge controller) with the GSM-2 modem.

  Newsletter February



EFOY Pro powers wind measurement systems

  EFOY PRO powers wind LiDAR system



CONFIG Command - Firmware 11.10 EFOY-Pro

The CONFIG command in Firmware 11.10 has a bug. When entering new values with the CONFIG command it is required to place the signs "+ " (plus and space) in front of the value. Otherwise value will not be stored. The new SET command can also be used to change EFOY Pro parameters.

  Customer information for CONFIG command in FW 11.10



Firmware 11.10 and 9.26 EFOY-PRO

FW 11.10: Error 83 fixed Duocartswitch problem fixed (DCS1 is now specified for operation from -20°C to 45°C). Antifreeze mode optimized. Modified failure 84 conditions. FW 9.26: Improved DuoCartSwitch control - Duocartswitch will now operate from -20°C to 45°C. “Reset” bug fixed. Update can be done with EFOY-Updater (available on request) or with the SFC-EUT updatetool which is available in the download section under "firmware update". NEW - FW update possible with GSM-2 Modem. Please contact us for details.

  Newsletter July 2012



Update - Off Grid Calculator

The new version of our off grid calculator is now online. This version supports the calculation of EFOY Pro and solar hybrid systems. Just enter your energy demand, solar module size and information about orientation and the location of your installation. The off grid calculator then will calculate how much energy is provided by solar and how much energy needs to be delivered by the EFOY Pro fuel cell.



Customer Information - XT1 Filter and DCS1

In the last view months we have seen a view problems with XT1 exchange filters for the EFOY-PRO-2200-XT and the Duocartswitch. If the XT1 exchange filter shows orange balls in the transportation pipe please let us know so we can send a replacement XT1 filter. You will find more details in the pdf document at the end of this news. Some Duocartswitch have shown problems to properly switch at temepratures below 5°C. The manufacturer is currently working to solve the problem.

  Malfunction XT1 exchange filter



Newsletter December 2011

We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year. The December newsletter contains informations about our Off Grid Monitor for remote solar installations and news regarding the EFOY-PRO fuel cells.

  Newsletter December 2011



Price increase EFOY-PRO

Due to increasing cost for raw material and labor the prices for the EFOY-PRO series fuel cell will increase app. 10% effective April 1st 2012 (Price for EFOY-PRO-2200-XT will remain unchanged). Orders received before that date will be delivered based on the old pricing.



Firmware 11.08 EFOY-PRO

EFOY-PRO devices delivered since end of November 2011 do have the new 11.08 firmware version installed. Firmware 11.08 includes impovements in the following areas: Improved internal failure management. Improved Methanol reservoir filling procedure (avoids error 70/75. “Check Connection” bug fixed. Improved start up procedure. Most of the EFOY-PRO devices can be updated to Firmware 11.08. Update can be done with EFOY-Updater (available on request) or with the SFC-EUT updatetool which is available in the download section under "Service".



Newsletter May 2011

Off Grid Power Solution for up to 90 Watt continuous power demand. With the OUTDOOR-CABINET-XL we do offer a complete Off Grid Power Solution in a small footprint. The wheather proven OUTDOOR-CABINET-XL has the compact dimensions HxWxD 1250x750x420mm, and fits all system components. In addition to combine EFOY-PRO with solar modules, customers can now choose to integrate the Airbreeze wind generator as well.

  Newsletter May 2011



HydroFILL electrolyzer available now

With the new HydroFILL electrolyzer we now can offer you a solution for storing electricity generated by regenerative sources such as wind and solar power. The HydroFILL station uses electricity to split water into Hydrogen and Oxygen. The Hydrogen is then stored in the HydroSTIK storage tanks and can be converted to electricity any time using the PEM fuel cells H-Cell, H-12, H-20 or H-30.




The new H-1000XP system solution offers a light and very compact 1kW fuel cell stack optimized for the Shell Eco-Marathon competition. The H-1000XP weighs only 3.6kg and makes integration easy. Delivery includes H2-sensor to detect Hydrogen leakages.




H-CELL2.0 Upgrade your existing 1/10th scale electric RC car to next generation hydrogen fuel cell power. The H-Cell Integration Kit includes all required components. Kit includes: 30 Watt PEM Fuel Cell, Pressure regulators, 4 HydroSTIK H2 cartridges, Electronic valves, Electronic control box, Mounting material and cables Empty HydroSTIK tanks can be refilled with the optional HydroFILL Station available Q1/2011. RC car and remote control are available on request.

  Newsletter September 2010




MiniPAK is an innovative fuel cell based universal portable power charger for many handheld device. Devices compatible with the MiniPAK (micro-USB port) include cellphones, smartphones, GPS handhelds, and MP3 players. It is also possible to connect USB powered "apps" from PCs and laptops (max. outputpower 1.5 Watt). The MiniPAK device integrates a passive air-breathing fuel cell and a metal hydride storage unit (HydroSTIK). Empty HydroSTIK tanks can be refilled with the optional HydroFILL Station available Q1/2011.

  Newsletter September 2010




udomi ends distribution of EFOY PRO fuel cells - SFC takes over

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Price Increase Methanol cartridges

Starting January 1st 2020, prices for Methanol cartridges will increase slightly.

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EFOY PRO Fuel Cell Training

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