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Electrolysers and H2 Storage

10sl Metal Hydride Storage Tank - HydroStik-PRO

10sl Metal Hydride Storage Tank - HydroStik-PRO The HydroSTIK-PRO has a battery-like form factor and contains a special metal alloy that allows hydrogen to be stored in a solid-state, as part of the metal alloy matrix inside the cartridge. In contrast with ordinary compressed hydrogen tanks, the pressure inside the canister is very low. The HydroSTIK-PRO can be refilled with the HydroFILL electrolyser unit. Each HydroSTIK-PRO can store app. 10Wh of energy, enough for 1-2 charges of a 3G smartphone, or 2-3 charges for average cellphones. The HydroSTIK-PRO is recommended for use with H-Cell 2.0, H-12, H-20, H-30 and MiniPAK products.

  Operation Manual HydroSTIK-PRO (english)


HydroFill-PRO - H2 Filling Station for HydroStik-PRO

HydroFill-PRO - H2 Filling Station for HydroStik-PRO The HydroFILL-PRO is a "world-first" small-scale home hydrogen station that allows users to refill HydroSTIK-PRO cartridges in a simple way, using water and electricity as only input. By adding water, and plugging the HydroFILL-PRO into a electrical wall-socket (or a solar panel), consumers can generate hydrogen and store it in a solid form automatically in HydroSTIK-PRO cartridges. Once full, the battery-like "solid-state"HydroSTIK-PRO can be unplugged from the HydroFILL-PRO and placed into the MiniPak (or other fuel cell devices) to deliver power via a USB port.

  Operation Manual HydroFILL-PRO (english)


300sl Metal Hydride Storage Tank - MyH2-300

300sl Metal Hydride Storage Tank - MyH2-300 Metal hydride storage tank with a storage capacity of 300sl hydrogen.

  Operation Manual (english)


Hy-PEM XP RACK Electrolyzer

Hy-PEM XP RACK Electrolyzer Hydrogen Generator with PEM membrane technology. Splits deionized water in hydrogen and oxygen, no hazardous liquids necessary.

Applications: Safe Hydrogen on demand generation as an alternative to compressed gas cylinders. Refill of metal hydride storage tanks

  Operation Manual (english)


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