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Off Grid Monitor

SFC Energy AG will operate the udomi off grid monitor portal starting 01.01.2023

The udomi-off-grid-monitor is perfectly suited to monitor and control EFOY Pro fuel cell systems in remote locations with GSM coverage. Installation is easy. Just connect the GSM-3 module with the Data Interface of the EFOY Pro unit, insert a SIM card and the EFOY Pro unit will automatically connect with the udomi-off-grid-monitor. Using your standard webbrowser you then can monitor and control the EFOY Pro fuel cell. In case of low fuel level or an error, the system will automatically inform your service personnel via SMS and/or Email. In case of an error it is possible to communicate with the EFOY Pro via the udomi-off-grid-monitor. This increases reliability and safes time and money.

The GSM-GPS-2 combines GSM-2 functions with GPS tracking. Allows user to find current location of EFOY Pro system via Google Maps.

The GSM-2-GPIO offers additional 6 alarm inputs for customer sepcific alarm signals and 2 relais outputs which can be controlled via the udomi-off-grid-monitor.

Using the optional Meterbus Adapter the GSM-3 device can be connected with the SS-MPPT-15L/PS-MPPT-XX solar charge controller from Morningstar. The udomi-off-grid-monitor provides informations such as solar input current, load current, battery charge status. It is also possible to remotely switch on/off the load output of the SS-MPPT-15L.

With the MUX-2 device users of the GSM-3 modem can now remotely monitor EFOY PRO fuel cell and the SS-MPPT-15L or PS-MPPT-XX solar charge controller together. With this solution the user has all
informations of his off grid power system available on the the udomi off grid monitor website. Battery voltage, load current, solar input current,fuel cell charge current and many other informations are available to monitor and optimize your off grid power system.

NEW: GSM-3 supports 2G and 3G mobile networks




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